Life and Morte

Life and Morte Life and Morte is an exhibition of work in North Devon South West of the UK. Through meticulous research of the local histories of Morte point contemporary artist Jay Clement focuses our attention on the perpetually cyclical nature of our environment. It is not philosophical but based on fact that we, as a brilliant and creative species, are part of an unsustainable system. While our plans and methodology for growth may seem practical, this is rapidly becoming disputed. Through a series of works the artist highlights and analyzes key points stemming from the local histories of Mortehoe and asks us to consider them and ourselves in a much broader context.

“It is important for all mankind to understand that it is inevitable that a perpetually accelerating system based on a finite resource will simply fail. We should however take heart in our ability as a species to adapt, particularly when in crisis.” Jay Clement  

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A printed version of the guide is available from several outlets in and around Mortehoe including: The Chichister Arms, Mortehoe Museum, Ilfracombe Museum, Wavedreamer Gallery, The New Gallery, Blue Gallery Barnstaple, The Watersmeet Hotel and The Red Barn.

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